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How can Engaging Works improve my work life?

Find work

  • Career tests

    Take our career tests to discover what’s your ideal career choice.
  • CV generator

    Create the perfect CVs and adjust them to the company you want to apply to.
  • Job matcher

    Complete your profile to be matched to jobs vacancies registered by employers. Our job matcher will suggest which sectors and companies might be a good fit for you.
  • Job posts

    Employers post jobs on the Global Hub. As part of our premium service you will be notified of job posts you believe relevant to you.

Engaging Works Features

Helping you achieve the most in your working life

Happiness Survey

Global Hub

Career Developer

Job Matcher


The Happiness Survey

  • Keep track of your work place happiness and takes steps to improve it!
  • Take the survey and find out how happy you are at work right now
  • Compare your results with other people around the world
  • Discover the steps you could take in order to improve your workplace happiness

The Global Hub

  • The place the world can share work stories, challenges and bright ideas, get advice, feedback and learn from others
  • Get FREE access to our articles and guides on how to further develop your career
  • Join the Engaging Works community today

Career Developer

  • Find your perfect mentor using our mentor matching service
  • Understand the right career for you with career tests
  • Create your own perfect and tailored CV using our CV Manager
  • Take EQ, IQ and brain teaser self-assement tests (coming soon)
  • Set up your own personal 360 review with our career progression tool (coming soon)

Job Matcher

  • Find your perfect job and build a happier work life!
  • Find out your personality type with our simple quiz
  • Find the perfect role for your personality, experience and strengths with our advanced matching algorithm
  • Discover which jobs best suit your skills and preferences


  • Invite your professional network to communicate using the Engaging Works messenger.
  • Straightforwardly organise and group your contacts and manage your work life balance
  • App coming soon!

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  • Global Hub
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