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The Egotistical Executive who managed up
Everyone knew the chief executive of the Triplico holiday company would be retiring soon.

Everyone knew the chief executive of the Triplico holiday company would be retiring soon. It was all anyone in the firm could talk about. Most importantly, who would succeed him?

There only seemed to be two credible candidates. Both executives had a good track record, drive and ambition. There was little to choose between them.

The first candidate, the Egotistical Executive, decided the best way to get the top job was to manage up. He spent his days pandering to the needs of the handful of people on the Triplico board who would decide who the next boss should be.

His rival executive believed the opposite and managing down was the key. He thought his time and energy were best spent on those working for him and that results would speak for themselves and sway the bosses.

When the time came, the Egotistical Executive won hands down. The entire board decided he was the perfect man for the job.

As soon as he took up his position, the Egotistical Executive turned his attention to the next step in his career progression. He barely gave the team below him a second thought. Soon, the entire company became divided and unsettled. At the first opportunity they staged a coup in an attempt to unseat their hated new leader.

The Egotistical Executive didn’t care. He simply left to run another business, which was persuaded of his credentials by the fact he had succeeded to the top job at Triplico.

Meanwhile the executive who managed down finally got the job at Triplico. He continued to nurture and support his team. The team united and supported the new chief executive through thick and thin. Triplico enjoyed great success.

Just managing up will only bring short-term success and you will be found out.