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The Proud Manager and his corner office
The Proud Manager loved his corner office at the engineering firm where he had worked since his apprenticeship.

After years of hard work at Plugged In, he’d finally moved into the coveted spot and felt it rightly reflected his achievements.

He didn’t consider he was showing off at all when he insisted that his junior colleagues always travelled to the sumptuous, richly furnished corner office for meetings. After all, he reasoned, he was more important and his time far more precious.

The Proud Manager was a little surprised that the Plugged In boss was always willing to visit his corner office for meetings too. However, that didn’t stop him boasting about it to his colleagues.

‘Perhaps I am destined for an even better office,’ the Proud Manager declared. ‘Did you know I am the only person on this floor who always hosts the boss.’

‘That is very interesting,’ replied a wise colleague quietly. ‘Tell me, when do the meetings begin?’

‘When the boss arrives,’ said the Proud Manager.

‘And end?’

‘When the boss decides to leave,’ said the Proud Manager slowly.

‘And I am sure you are always more relaxed in your corner office and say exactly what is on your mind,’ smiled the wise colleague.

‘I’m sure the boss thinks you are both in entirely the right place.’

There is real power in humility.

Mark Price

Monday, August 6, 2018 6:46 PM

How true