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The Anxious Executive Who Tried to Stay on Top
As far as the Anxious Executive at Shining Light was concerned, his role was to be the golden star at the centre of the team and the other members were there to make him look good.

Thus, the Anxious Executive always made sure that when he appointed people in his team, they were good but not too good; he should be the brightest.

After all, the leader should always be the best, he thought.

The Anxious Executive also made sure never to praise his team too highly in public.

He didn’t want other people to overhear such a thing and to think others were better than he.

Even when the Anxious Executive finally retired, he tried to take steps to ensure his successor was less good, so his own legacy looked greater.

But the New Executive was different.

Firstly she recruited people who were far more knowledgeable than she was to head each department.

She then publicly acknowledged how good each new team member was, actively seeking their advice and listening to their views.

The New Executive saw her role as creating the conditions for the team to work together.

The team enjoyed great success and the Anxious Executive’s ‘legacy’ was quickly forgotten.

Confident leaders surround themselves with very able people.