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The Salesman, his son and the car wash
It was the school summer holidays and the Salesman’s Son had decided to spend a day with his father calling on customers.

These were hard times and as they travelled the father explained how some of his colleagues and friends had lost their jobs as the company had looked to save on costs.

After they had completed all their calls and were driving home the Father said they would stop at the local hand car wash before finishing for the day.

‘It’s important that you look as though you care when you turn up at a customers,’ explained the father. ‘I always try to look smart and I try to make sure my company car looks good too, polished and buffed.’

As the father drew into the car wash a middle-aged man walked towards them wearing wet and scruffy overalls. He was carrying a bucket of soapy water in one hand and a sponge in the other.

‘It’s Bob,’ exclaimed the father, recognising the car washer, ‘We used to work together before he was made redundant,’ and with that the father jumped out of the car and warmly embraced the man before getting back in. The Salesman smiled at his son while the middle-aged man began to wash the car.

‘Dad, don’t you feel bad and embarrassed that your former colleague is now washing your car for just a few pounds?’ asked the son.

The father turned to his son with a look of deep disappointment. ‘No, I don’t,’ he began to explain. ‘Bob loves his family. He works to show them his love; to provide food, a home, clothes and treats. That’s an honourable thing to do. That’s what I do. I am no better than Bob or anyone else who works, and neither will you be when you work one day. Never forget that.’

When Bob had finished washing the car the Salesman got out of the car and paid, thanked Bob for his excellent work and shook him by the hand wishing him and his family a good evening.

As they travelled the remaining few miles home the father repeated the moral below and asked his son to always remember the man at the car wash.

In the eyes of God we are all equal.