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“The primary role of a mentor is to use the experience and knowledge they have gained to help a mentee work towards their future career ambitions.”

- Lord Mark Price, former Managing Director of Waitrose

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We’ve matched hundreds of people searching for their perfect mentor, and we’d love to be able to start matching your profile with our network of mentors. To get started all you do is sign up here for free, go to Mentor Matching, populate your profile and will let you know when we find a match!

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The process is the same as connecting with mentors. Fill out your profile, including what experience you are offering, and the site will match you up with a prospective mentee. Mentoring a great way to develop your own interpersonal skills as well as helping others!

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Connect with your mentors on the Engaging Works messenger app available on iOS, Android and desktop. You can message and conference call your mentors as well as join the professional global hub community for more professional mentor advice or to help others.

Benefits of Mentoring

Having a mentor can be a fantastic resource for your worklife. A good mentor provides objectivity and focus on your future growth and personal development.

And being a mentor is equally rewarding! You can enhance your own skills, it’s emotionally rewarding and creates a legacy.